6 Ways To Reduce Waste in Your Bathroom

December 9th, 2019

By Leif Einarson and Kristen LaRocque

Did you know that the bathroom in most households is full of single-use plastics and materials that are not friendly for our environment? It seems a bit odd that the room we get clean in should be so wasteful. Here are six ways you can reduce the waste that comes out of your bathroom.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes end up in the landfill and stay there for hundreds of years, contributing to plastic pollution globally. An easy alternative is a bamboo toothbrush. The handle is entirely biodegradable. When the bristles wear out, just break off the head and throw it in the garbage. Put the handle in your compost to biodegrade.

Safety Razor

The plastic used to manufacture and package many razors is often neither recyclable nor re-usable. Many plastic razors are also not made to last – they break easily or their blades do not stay sharp for long. On the other had, safety razors are built to last a lifetime and the replacement blades are inexpensive, plastic free, and recyclable. The GreenUP Store carries two kinds of safety razors, one of which is by a Toronto-based company! Learn more here.

Wooden Comb or Brush

Much like razors, buying combs or brushes that are made of plastic can contribute heavily to plastic waste. Instead, consider buying brushes and combs with wooden handles.

Package-Free Soaps

Soap is easy to wrap, ship, and gift without waste-intensive packaging. Also, many local makers specialize in making beautiful, natural soaps that do not feature microplastics and other ingredients that are not good for your body or the environment. Find favourites in your area! Learn more about some of the great local soap makers in Peterborough here. 

Natural Deodorant

Deodorant often comes chemical-laden in plastic packaging that is no refillable. There are many effective natural deodorant options available in earth-conscious packaging. I recommend finding a refillable option in your area that comes in glass, rather than plastic, which means the product inside will not be tainted by toxins. For example, we recently did a #ZeroWaste feature on Peterborough-made Simply Natural Canada’s vegan deodorant.

Natural-Fibre Washcloths

Plastic scrubbers and loofahs may be great for exfoliation, but like many other plastic bathroom products they contribute heavily to global plastic pollution. Natural-fibre washcloths and exfoliators, like the Sayula Agave Cloth, are a great biodegradable alternative!

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