Active School Travel Peterborough

Active School Travel Peterborough believes that kids and families deserve safe routes to walk, bike and roll starting with the journey to school itself. 

Our mission is simple; we promote the use of active and sustainable transportation for the daily trip to school, which addresses health and traffic safety issues while taking action on air pollution and climate change. Each year, we work with schools in the city and county of Peterborough to implement programs that lower barriers and help encourage students to bike, walk, roll or bus to school.

AST Peterborough is a committee made up of representatives of GreenUP, Peterborough Public Health, the City of Peterborough, the County of Peterborough, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic School Board, Student Transportation Services of Central Ontario, Peterborough Police, and The Crossing Guards of Peterborough.


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The many benefits of supporting walking, biking and rolling to school:

Healthier Children

Active school travel helps school-aged children meet the recommendation to accumulate at least 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity, which is associated with improved physical and mental health.

Safer School Zones

Reducing traffic volumes creates safer school zones and saves school staff time. Improving walking and cycling routes to school also enhances the safety, connectivity, and quality of life for the community as a whole.

Less Traffic and Pollution

Reducing the number of children being driven to school reduces greenhouse gas emissions and particulate air pollution around the school; this improves air quality and reduces associated risks of lung and cardiovascular diseases.

Better Academic Performance

Increased physical activity specifically associated with the school journey increases alertness and attention during the school day. Physical activity supports healthy brain development, which can lead to improved learning and academic outcomes.

Learn more about how supporting active school travel helps entire communities become safer by reading our article here.

Benefits observed by parents, teachers, and students involved in our programs:

    • Students become more familiar with their communities and routes to school
    • Students build their road sense, learning about traffic and bicycle safety
    • Students arrive to school more alert and ready to learn
    • Families build daily physical activity into a busy schedule
    • Families have positive impacts on air and noise pollution by reducing car use
    • Communities increase the amount of time they spend with each other, making new friends and connections

School Programs

Transit Programs

Bike Riding Education Programs

Program History

Active School Travel Peterborough (formerly Active and Safe Routes to School Peterborough) was established in 1999 to address health and environmental issues related to school travel. The Active School Travel Committee creates and collaborates on programs and projects with a vision of ‘All students having the opportunity to walk, bike or bus to and from school as a part of their daily school experience’.

Our goals include:

    1. Increase community capacity to advance the use of walking, biking and bussing;
    2. Advocate for policy and infrastructure that facilitates walking, biking and bussing;
    3. Increase awareness and understanding, in the broader community, of the importance of active lifestyles and the supporting built environment; and,
    4. Improve community safety as it relates to walking, biking, and bussing to and from school.

Program Contact Information

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Phone: (705)745-3238



Peterborough Police

County of Peterborough

Crossing Guards of Peterborough

Peterborough Transit

Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board

Peterborough Public Health

City of Peterborough

Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board

Student Transportation Services of Central Ontario