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These videos provide a fun glimpse into some of the roles that keep our city going. Join us, as we catch-up with a few municipal staff and learn about the work they do through their positions.

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Thank you to the City of Peterborough staff for participating in these interviews.

This video series was created as part of the NeighbourPLAN program where residents worked through participatory planning activities to develop Portraits and Visions for public space in their neighbourhoods. At GreenUP, we want to support resilient neighbourhoods, and a connected community is a key ingredient. Neighbours want to feel more connected to each other, and more connected to the processes that shape the city’s services and development. 

These videos are intended to shed a fun little light on what goes on behind the scenes at City Hall, to put a face to some of the names you might see on city reports and studies, to gain insight into the complexity of city-led projects, and to get people excited to learn more!

We hope you enjoy watching! 

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Want to dig a little deeper? Here are some links to explore.

James is excited to address Climate Change in our community and encourages everyone to consider what role you can play. If you want to learn more about the City’s Climate Change Action Plan, click here

As you heard, Cassandra loves connecting with residents to hear about the valuable role parks play in people’s wellbeing. If you want to learn more about how to get a permit for a city park or picnic shelter, or apply for a street closure, or find out where you can find playgrounds, wading pools and splash pads, click here.

Ian is keen to keep the water healthy and to keep us provided with and protected from water.  To learn more about the Our Watershed, Our Blueprint and explore topics relating to urban water management click here

Mark cares a lot about making communities accessible and, as we know, accessible spaces work really well, for everyone! To learn more about the Accessibility Advisory Committee click here

If you were intrigued by the interviews with Michael and Brian, you’ll enjoy digging into all the links you’ll find through The Infrastructure and Planning Services website. Click here to explore.

As we learned from Peter, there is a lot to consider when it comes to helping folks get to where they need to go in the city. To learn more about the Transportation Master Plan and sign up to stay tuned, click here.

For more information on studies and projects that are underway at the City, check out connectptbo.ca. There is lots of information to explore within each project listed on this page. Be sure to check out the ‘Who’s Listening’ if you have thoughts or questions.

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