Classic Rain Garden Template

You’ve chosen the classic rain garden template! The first step is to review the suggested plants and select the ones that are most appropriate for your conditions (sun versus part- to full-shade).

Contact GreenUP staff for assistance with these steps if required. Once your template is complete, you can submit it along with your aerial image and eligibility form. The Materials Table of each template lists the materials you will need to purchase to build your garden.

Note: many of the plants suggested here are available the GreenUP Ecology Park Nursery, while supplies last. Some species may need to be sourced at other garden centres or native plant nurseries in the region.

Contact GreenUP staff for advice if you are having trouble sourcing plants for your garden.

Template Checklist

There are a few more details you need to add to the template print-out before submitting it with the rest of your rain garden application:

    • The results of your drainage test and the soil type
    • Contact information and address
    • Roof catchment area in square metres
    • Proposed slope of garden sides (refer to the Depth to Slope table on page 1 and enter the appropriate slope percentage)
    • An indication of the relative location of the garden to your house (an arrow, note, etc.). Include the distance between the garden and your home’s foundation. It is okay if you don’t have room to draw the actual house or other features onto the template.
    • An arrow showing the general direction of slope on your property, and the slope percentage.
    • Any other adjustments you are making to the design. (E.g. if you need to shift the location of the inlet to better suit the downspouts on your home, if you are widening the sides or berms, etc.)


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