Climate Action Resource for Schools

Educating youth about climate change while providing them with opportunities to take meaningful action in their community is a necessary approach to increasing environmental literacy while avoiding climate anxiety and apathy.

This resource will:

    • connect teachers to rich local and online resources,
    • offer age-appropriate and solutions-oriented tips for teaching about climate change, and most importantly,
    • introduce inspiring local climate heroes and relevant local case studies that highlight climate action projects and youth leadership opportunities within local area schools!

Teachers and classes are encouraged to begin by clicking the Take Climate Action – Start Here button. Here you will find foundational Climate Action lessons and activities to get you started.

Following that grounding, explore the resources, tips, activities, and case studies collected under the themes of Waste Management, Water Conservation, Active Transportation, and Energy.

We know teachers take on a lot when they bring climate change into the classroom – from integrating new knowledge to understanding emotions tied to climate grief. To make it easy, we’ve collected videos, books, trainings, and lessons in the Climate Resources for Teachers hub.

Program History

GreenUP has created this Climate Action Resource for Schools to foster a culture of climate change awareness and encourage civic engagement around climate change as a way of supporting movement towards local climate change plan goals and targets.

With a generous grant from the County of Peterborough in Spring 2021, GreenUP has developed a County Climate Action Guide for local elementary schools, to complement new and existing online climate action resources as they become available. This guide will connect teachers to the best local and online resources, offer tips for teaching about climate change in ways that are age-appropriate and solutions-oriented, and importantly, will provide case studies highlighting climate action projects as they are completed by local area schools.

Program Contact Information

Karen O’Krafka
Education Programs Coordinator
705-745-3238 extension 207


County of Peterborough