“Every living thing needs energy (including you).”
– Pathway to Stewardship and Kinship

Get started by meeting Community Climate Hero – Deirdre McGahern who will introduce us to sustainable building.  We even highlight sustainable building projects students have done to transform their school!

By reducing energy consumption at home and at school, and learning about building energy efficient buildings and renewable energy sources, you and your students can begin to make connections between daily energy choices and climate health. As you learn more about the opportunities and barriers that shape our energy use and our building practices, you can extend the lesson by exploring the impacts of alternative building, learning about creative ways local climate heroes are shaping the landscape of building best practices in our community.

Meet Community Climate Hero Deirdre McGahern

In this region, our homes and residential buildings are responsible for one third of our community’s greenhouse gas emissions. Taking climate action at home is an essential part of our collective approach to addressing the climate crisis and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

Click on the house to the left for resources for at-home retrofits, achieving carbon neutral, and understanding energy audits!

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