Five Environmental Successes for Peterborough area in 2016

January 10th, 2017

GreenUP has now entered its 25th year as Peterborough’s local resource for environmentally healthy and sustainable action in our community. In that time, GreenUP has grown to become central and eastern Ontario’s leading organization focused on issues of environmental education, sustainability, and stewardship.

For 25 years, GreenUP has been active in the city and county of Peterborough and this would not be possible without the generous support of our donors, funders, volunteers, and community partners.


As we approach the end of 2016, and look towards our 25th year, we are excited to share some of our most recent successes.

  1. 1,679 students attended GreenUP Ecology Park programs.

In 2016, GreenUP Ecology Park provided dynamic, nature-based programs to 1,679 youth from May to October. That is 538 more students than the previous year that were able to experience exciting, hands-on activities delivered by our experienced educators.

  1. 21,743 m3 of gas have been saved through energy retrofits.

The GreenUP Energy Efficiency Services department completed 27 audits this year, which have resulted in a net energy savings of 21,743 cubic metres of gas.

  1. 160 rain barrels were sold at the GreenUP Store.

If all of the rain barrels sold at the GreenUP Store in 2016 were filled and drained only once this season, then together we diverted between 30,000 and 35,000 Litres, of rainwater – that is the equivalent of over 330 bathtubs full!

  1. 230+ students participated in the Pedal Power program.

In its fourth year, the Pedal Power program, in partnership with B!KE: The Peterborough Community Cycling Hub, connected DOUBLE the students reached in the previous year, with safe cycling education and handling exercises to help kids be more confident cyclists.

  1. 4,000 m2 of water wise landscaping was recognized.

This year, GreenUP and the Peterborough Utilities Group recognized more than half a city block of front yards through the NEW Water Wise Neighbours Landscape Recognition Program.

­­­­­­­As we share these successes of the past year with you, we also look ahead and commit to environmental programming that builds our region’s capacity to confront environmental and community challenges that are yet to come. “GreenUP programs will seek to meaningfully increase resilience for the people and places that are most vulnerable, and that inspire hope to enable action for persons of all ages,” explains GreenUP Executive Director, Brianna Salmon.

Founding Board Member, Linda Slavin shares, “Through the years, GreenUP has been most successful in visioning actions to support specific community issues and problems, and securing funding to achieve the goals of diverse projects. GreenUP has also encouraged staff skills development, collaborative programming, and risk-taking.”

Also with GreenUP since the beginning, Founding Board Member, Clifford Maynes adds, “GreenUP is constantly innovating and reinventing itself to stay fresh and meet new needs. And yet the organization stays true to the original vision – community-based in its identity and methods, ready to partner with just about anybody, and focused on practical solutions as the foundation for transformational change.”

Working to enhance environmental health can be both challenging and complex, but, to Salmon, the support and strength of local community has never felt more important.

Slavin agrees and shares, “In the face of climate change, and other interconnected environmental, social, cultural, and economic challenges, the Peterborough-area needs GreenUP now, more than when it was founded….and hallelujah, GreenUP is ready!”


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