Grade 8 Transit Quest

The Grade 8 Transit Quest program encourages students to use Peterborough Transit by providing them with a FREE transit pass for March Break and a list of free or discounted partner destinations to travel to. The Quest works to increase city youth’s familiarity of the Peterborough Transit system as they begin to travel independently. By increasing comfort at this age, transit can become a mode of transportation that is both normal and accessible. Navigating their local transit service helps students build a life skill, one that they will use as they get part-time jobs, go off to school, and move or travel to other cities.

New in 2024: Transit Bus Orientation Workshops

As an enhancement to Grade 8 Transit Quest, we have partnered with Peterborough Transit to provide FREE on-bus orientations for classes. For ease of delivery, workshops are approximately 30 minutes long and happen right on campus!

How It Works

We arrive at your school and educate your class about using the transit bus, with a workshop for groups of 30 or less. Students will learn essential transit skills in real-time, such as: how to load the bus, swipe passes, ask for transfers, plan their trip, request a stop, and more! Riding transit is a valuable life skill that will help foster independence and build confidence.

Limited Space Available

We are currently booking for Tuesday February 27th and Thursday February 29th. Please reach out to for more information or to book today!

How to use transit? has information that will help you get started, including a handy video.

Plan Your Trip (Routes & Schedules)

    • Which bus route, and bus stop, is near my starting point?
    • Which bus route is my destination on?
    • Where is the closest bus stop?
    • Do I need to transfer buses?

Peterborough Transit’s regular routes run every day and all buses on regular routes are fully accessible. A transit map showing the regular routes is posted in all the transit shelters and at the Transit Terminal. An interactive map that shows all the bus stops and shelters is available.

Interactive Peterborough Transit Map

    • What time does the bus come to my bus stop?
    • When will the bus arrive near my destination?

Check out the Route Schedules to plan when you need to be at the bus stop and to help plan to make sure you reach your destination on time.

Online Trip Planning Resources

Peterborough Transit routes and schedules are integrated with Google Maps. Visit, enter your starting point and your destination, select the transit icon, then hit enter. You will get a list of upcoming departures and suggested route. You can also enter a future date and time.


 Take this opportunity to explore the Peterborough Transit system and your community.  Meet a friend and enjoy the many free destinations available in Peterborough. Post to social with #PTBOTransitQuest for a chance to win some prizes! Jump on board with #ActiveSchoolTravelPtbo + @ptbo_transit + @ptbogreenup!

Explore the following free Peterborough destinations

Visit the destination’s website to see when they are open, where they are located, and any other considerations to help you plan your trip.

The Canadian Canoe Museum

Peterborough Public Library

Peterborough Museum & Archives

Art Gallery of Peterborough

Program History

Grade 8 Transit Quest is an annual program of Active School Travel Peterborough. It began in 2009 and is delivered in partnership with Peterborough Transit. Each year, the Transit Quest results in nearly 3,000 bus trips taken by Peterborough students during March Break.

To learn more about Active School Travel Peterborough, click here.

Program Links

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Program Contact Information

Contact Active School Travel
Phone: (705)745-3238



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