Business leaders: Reduce your operational costs, increase your brand profile, expand your customer base, and activate employee pride!

Climate action is good for business.

Green Economy Peterborough is a network and program that helps business members to identify, set, and achieve sustainability goals while improving the bottom line, building resilience and activating operational efficiency.

Through coaching, educational opportunities, peer networking, and celebration events, Green Economy Peterborough helps organizations to make reductions in emissions, water, and waste that align with emerging and necessary low-carbon business trends and opportunities.

Green Economy Peterborough is part of an innovative, award-winning national network of Green Economy Hubs. Together, we’re demonstrating a more sustainable economy is possible.

When you join Green Economy Peterborough you join a future-focused network of over 300 Green Economy Leaders.

Your national business peers will include:

Curious about what Green Economy Peterborough can do for your business?

Please contact Jackie Donaldson, Hub Coordinator, Green Economy Peterborough at