January 12th, 2023

Wild Rock Outfitters employees, all dressed up in red for christmas, smiling for a group photo inside the store.

Wild Rock Outfitters, Peterborough’s hub for outdoor gear, has been embedding sustainability values into their business for decades. They are continuing to do so as a member of Green Economy Peterborough. (Photo: Tori Silvera)

By: Jackie Donaldson, Program Coordinator, Green Economy Peterborough

January is a wonderful time to reflect on the past and share our hopes and intentions for the year. In our previous article, GreenUP rang in the season by sharing Green Wishes for our community from our staff. This week, we are featuring the thoughtful reflections of eight local business leaders who have committed to greening their operations as members of Green Economy Peterborough.

For 2023, we asked this keen group of leaders what their Green Wishes were for their sector, the business community, or our community. Here is what they said:

Dan Stanford of Cabinetree, a Green Economy Peterborough member smiling

Dan Stanford of Cabinetree, a Green Economy Peterborough member and a local manufacturer of high-quality cabinets and commercial components that stand the test of time. (Photo: Wayne Ferguson Photography)

“My Green Wish for 2023 is for consumers to be more conscious of the emissions cost to deliver their purchases to them from around the world. Purchasing locally, when possible, can reduce emissions and support our community.” – Dan Stanford, Cabinetree

Dylan Radcliffe of Engage Engineering smiling

Dylan Radcliffe of Engage Engineering, a civil engineering firm based in Peterborough that provides municipal engineering services to public and private sector clients. Engage Engineering believes in sustainable engineering and business principles and is a member of Green Economy Peterborough. (Photo courtesy of Dylan Radcliffe)

“My Green Wish for the new year is for organizations and industry to begin to consider their impacts on global biodiversity. Biodiversity often comes second to climate change objectives for businesses but is critically important for long-term sustainability.

With the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration well underway, and the completion of the COP 15 UN Biodiversity Conference held in Montreal last month, we need to reflect on how our businesses actions impact biodiversity both locally and globally. I look forward to reflecting on how our company can make a difference over the coming year and making changes for the better! I hope you will join me.” – Dylan Radcliffe, Engage Engineering

Angella and Verne Windrem of Green Street smiling outside their shop.

Angella and Verne Windrem of Green Street, a Peterborough shop specailizing in electric bikes and scooters, pedal bikes, yoga accessories, and eco-lifestyles and a member of Green Economy Peterborough. (Photo courtesy of Angella and Verne Windrem)

“Our Green Street Green Wish for 2023 is for the promotion of more bike-centered infrastructure in our community. We all know it’s better for the environment, but the local economy benefits as well, since cyclists have a tendency to spend their dollars at local establishments.

Study after study has shown that cycling and a vibrant bike culture makes for a healthier and happier population. When it comes to choosing between a bike and a car, our personal choice is pretty obvious. We built a whole business around it! An electric bike makes that choice even more accessible to a wider range of people.

We would love to see more strides taken on a systemic level to make cycling easier and more accessible for everyone. Many initiatives are already well underway in our community. Our wish is to see that great work continue to grow and blossom.” – Angella and Verne Windrem, Green Street

Adeilah Dahlke of Jigsaw Organizing Solutions smiling with a pile of boxes in the background.

Adeilah Dahlke of Jigsaw Organizing Solutions is a trained professional organizer and Green Economy Peterborough member with a passion for helping people find sustainable and lifelong solutions to organizing their things. (Photo: Adeilah Dahlke)

“My Green Wish for 2023 for my industry is that Professional Organizers start to think critically about the way that they are helping clients to declutter and organize.

By donating and using specialty recycling programs as much as possible, and also reusing storage containers rather than purchasing brand new plastic products, we can really make an impact!” – Adeilah Dahlke, Jigsaw Organizing Solutions

The Lett Architects team at Peterborough’s Dragon Boat Festival in 2022.

The Lett Architects team at Peterborough’s Dragon Boat Festival in 2022. Lett Architects, an architectural design studio in Peterborough dedicated to long-lasting design, is a member of Green Economy Peterborough. (Photo courtesy of Kristy Hook)

“Let’s actively participate in Canada’s efforts to preserve 30% of our land and water resources by 2030 by reducing the overall environmental impact of our buildings by 30%.

Let’s prioritize environmental protection in our work, every day.

Let’s design buildings that are more compact and at least 30% more efficient in their use of land and resources so that we can minimize their impact on surrounding ecosystems and harness the energy potential of our sites.

Let’s remind ourselves that energy, water and material resources sustain us, are beautiful, are limited, and must be protected.” – Staff, Lett Architects

The Peterborough Golf and Country Club’s “Green Team” smiling for a photo on the course.

The Peterborough Golf and Country Club’s “Green Team” is pleased to be moving forward on their greening projects, including their Green Economy Peterborough membership, with new general manager and chief operating officer Jermaine Brissett. Pictured are former general manager Michael Gillan, Beth Goodge, Patty Macdonald, Karen Thomas, Joanne McCarthy, Janet Spindloe, Kazia Milan, Venci Sebek, and Carol Wilton. (Photo courtesy of Patty Macdonald)

“Our Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Committee’s Green Wish for 2023 is directed at our members. Through our unique relationship with them, we have an opportunity to educate, assist, and inspire 1,000+ people to protect and sustain the land, water, and wildlife around us. Imagine the great impact we could have if we all – both individually and collectively – engaged in sustainable practice!

So, our Green Wish is that our members take time in 2023 to learn more about protecting our environment, then take action, and communicate with loved ones and those – like our political representatives and other local leaders – who have the ability to push for positive change, on the importance of protecting the health and prosperity of the future we all share!” – Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Committee, Peterborough Golf & Country Club

Michael Williams and Reanna Montopoli,the owners of Trent Health and Motion smiling.

Michael Williams and Reanna Montopoli are the owners of Trent Health and Motion and members of Green Economy Peterborough (Photo by Vega Venuk).

“Our Green Wish for the healthcare industry is to take leadership in environmental sustainability, recognizing that our health is directly impacted by the health of our environment.

Some great steps those in healthcare can take are to join a Green Economy Hub in their area, and to promote active transportation. Walking, cycling, and running are great ways to keep our bodies and environments healthy.

Trent Health in Motion is a proud Green Economy Leader and we participate in Shifting Gears each May to challenge ourselves to take active transportation as much as possible. We’ve also joined B!KE, the Peterborough Community Bike Shop, with a corporate membership so that our staff can access support to keep their bikes running smoothly which can be a great form of active transportation.” – Staff, Trent Health in Motion

“Wild Rock’s 2023 Green Wish for the outdoor industry is decreased air travel – of people and products. We love bikes and hikes just for fun, but we also love reducing our carbon footprint! Ontario is pretty amazing. We hope you continue to Go Out and Play close to home next year. See you on the trails!” – Staff, Wild Rock Outfitters

“We wish these business leaders all the best in their efforts to support our planet and become more efficient and resilient organizations.” – GreenUP’s Wish for our local Green Economy Leaders

Green Economy Peterborough is a GreenUP program that connects and supports business members to reduce their organization’s environmental footprint. For more information on Green Economy Peterborough, please visit www.GreenEconomyPeterborough.ca, where you can sign up for our e-newsletter or book an appointment.