January 3rd, 2023

Two people working together to plant a tree outside. Both carrying shovels and digging into the dirt on a nice sunny day.

Peterborough GreenUP staff share their “green wishes” for 2023, as well as actions we can take in the new year to make 2023 greener. Not only does planting trees reduce stress, but it also improves our local urban environment. Consider choosing a native plant nursery like the one at Ecology Park when planning your 2023 garden. (Photo: Jessica Todd)

By: Lili Paradi, Communications Manager at GreenUP

For the next two weeks, the GreenUP Column will be highlighting voices from both GreenUP staff and Green Economy Peterborough members in the form of Green Wishes.

Alongside the Green Wishes of our staff, we have added Green New Year’s Actions. We hope you count our actions among your other inspiring and achievable resolutions that will GreenUP the year ahead.

Happy Holidays from the team at GreenUP!

My Green Wish is for the success of our community in taking the practical steps that will allow us to reach our climate change goals.

I wish the City of Peterborough, County of Peterborough, and our surrounding townships success in implementing the Climate Change Action Plans. I wish many businesses success in completing a carbon inventory and making an action plan for emissions reductions. I wish many homeowners success in insulating and draft-proofing their homes and moving toward comfort and home electrification. I wish many youth success in learning about diverse ecosystems, climate change, and leadership.

I wish that everyone in our community might deepen their love of nature and find new success in taking sustainable action both great and small!” – Tegan Moss, Executive Director

New Year’s Resolution: Take a friend or family member for a nature appreciation walk in Ecology Park (or another of your favorite naturalized spaces) and name as many animals, trees, and plants as you can.

A newly planted fruit tree with a sign that reads: growing a fruitful future together". Two people in the background with buckets of compost.

In the spring and fall of 2022, volunteers and staff from Nourish, GreenUP, and the City of Peterborough planted 65 fruit trees along with some berry bushes and perennials at public parks and community gardens across Peterborough/Nogojiwanong. What is in store for 2023? (Photo: Laura Keresztesi)

My Green Wish for 2023 is that we are all a little more mindful of the waste we create. I hope we find new ways to reduce our ecological footprint, such as using less plastic, eating less meat, and supporting our local shops and farmers.”– Jessica Todd, Communications and Store & Resource Centre Associate

New Year’s Resolution: Make the switch away from products packaged in single-use plastic like shampoo and laundry soap. Choose refillable containers or products with plastic free packaging like those available at the GreenUP Store at 378 Aylmer!

My Green Wish is for the GreenUP Store & Resource Centre to showcase and offer products that are not only sustainable, ethically made, and eco-friendly – but also teach about local knowledge. The products could be a tea, a candle, a salve, art, and they would teach us to respect, help, and nurture our planet.” – Eileen Kimmett, Store & Resource Centre Manager

New Year’s Resolution: Support skilled local Indigenous makers and learn a few words of Anishinaabemowan (Ojibwe).

Close up of a shoe on a bike pedal about to take off.

The Shifting Gears Challenge is a prize-incentivized public transportation challenge created by GreenUP. The goal of the challenge is to motivate a shift in daily commutes and errands away from solo car trips, towards more active and sustainable forms of transportation. With the new Bethune Street opening in sight, individuals have incentive to start this challenge and build new habits in 2023. (Photo: GreenUP)

My Green Wish is for a tree or a rain garden (or both) to be on every lawn in Peterborough/Nogojiwanong.” – Hayley Goodchild, Program Coordinator

New Year’s Resolutions: Start designing your rain garden and applying for the City of Peterborough rain garden subsidy program! (https://www.peterborough.ca/en/city-services/rain-garden-subsidy.aspx) Then, sign up for the self-directed Green Community Canada’s Rain Garden Master Class (https://greencommunitiescanada.org/programs/rain-garden-master-class-tour/)

My Green Wish is for there to be many more homeowners and community members that register for the new Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Plus Program, launching in January 2023, a partnership between Enbridge Gas and Canada’s Greener Homes Grant. Through this program, current Enbridge Gas customers can receive up to $10,000 in rebates towards eligible retrofits.” – Catriona Sinclair, Program Coordiantor

New Year’s Resolution: Stop pesky drafts that leak heat! Then, plan to decarbonize your home.

5 young Earth Adventure campers listening to a GreenUP educator at Ecology Park. One girl is peaking back at the camera.

In 2022, Ecology Park offered a summer of engaging camps for children of all ages in Peterborough and region. In 2023, children will have access to Ecology Park’s newly built naturalized playscape, both in and out of camps. (Photo: Jessica Todd)

“In 2023, my Green Wish is that new residents to Peterborough/Nogojiwanong are introduced to and connect with their urban environment. I hope to see new partnerships, in-person storytelling opportunities, and local voices in the news, social media, and events that encourage environmental action.” – Lili Paradi, Communications Manager

New Year’s Resolution: Attend the ReFrame Film Festival between January 26th and February 3rd 2023. Check out at least one film about an environmental issue that matters to you and one film by a local director or about a local issue.

My wish is for a joyful return to a LIVE Peterborough Children’s Water Festival at the zoo in May 2023! I’m thrilled to bring Gr 2-5 students, high school activity leaders, local water heroes and community volunteers from Nogojiwanong and beyond for two days of immersive water education. A wish for Ecology Park is for children of all ages to joyfully explore and build their skills on our new naturalized playscape in all seasons.” – Karen O’Krafka, Program Coordinator

New Year’s Resolution: Take your family or loved ones to Ecology Park, located at 1899 Ashburnham Dr and check out the new naturalized playscape!

Earth Adventure campers running away from the camera at Ecology Park.

Registration for 2023 camps at Ecology Park begins in the spring season. One way to foster appreciation for the environment in kids is introducing them to hands-on experiential opportunities, like those in Ecology Park Climate Leadership Program and the Earth Adventure’s Camp. (Photo: Jessica Todd)

My Green Wish is that more kids have a safe and fun active commute to school! We want all young people to enjoy their trip to school whether it’s a walk, roll, bike ride, or park n’ stride (parking the car and walking the rest of the way).” – Ashley Burnie, Program Coordinator

New Year’s Resolution: If you are able to, walk, roll or ride to school/work/play at least twice in each season of 2023.

Groups of people talking at a Green Economy Ptbo networking event inside Cambium's new location.

Businesses can also make resolutions to be more active in the environmental community. Green Economy Peterborough is a local resource that helps businesses reach their green goals and encourages networking and collaboration events such as this one in November 2022 at Cambium Engineering. (Photo: Jessica Todd)

“I hope that in 2023, we can make big strides toward replanting our urban forest!” – Natalie Stephenson, Director of Programs

New Year’s Resolution: Plant a tree on your lawn or boulevard! Visit the GreenUP Native Plant and Tree Nursery at 1899 Ashburnham Dr during the gardening season to pick the perfect species.