June #ZeroWaste Feature

June 3rd, 2019

The Safety Razor!


This month’s zero waste feature is the safety razor!  This is an excellent alternative to cartridge razors, which are neither long-lasting nor recyclable. Safety razors are built to last a lifetime and the replacement blades are inexpensive, plastic free, and recyclable.

The GreenUP Store carries two brands: Rockwell Razors and Merkur Razors.

Rockwell is a Toronto-based company that has re-engineered the classic double edged razor. They offer a full line of high quality metal razors that range in price from $35-$135.

Merkur Solingen was founded in 1906 and continues to produce high-quality shaving products in Germany, to this day. The GreenUP Store carries their best-selling razor, the Classic Double-Edge Safety Razor, which features a textured, comfortable handle.

In addition, we also offer replacement blades compatible with both Rockwell and Merkur products, along with razor banks for safe collection of used razor blades, which can then be recycled.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year. The standard disposable razor are made of plastic, which means continued use of fossil fuels for a product that is not recyclable in most North American cities. 


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