New Recycling Contractor for City of Peterborough

November 1st, 2019

Starting Friday, November 1, 2019, Emterra Environmental will be the contractor for recycling collection and processing for the City of Peterborough.

“While the recycling program remains the same, you’re going to see an emphasis on proper sorting of recyclable materials in our public education campaign and enforcement,” said Dave Douglas, Waste Diversion Section Manager. “The market for recyclable materials has become much stricter on the quality of materials. To be able to divert these items from landfill, we need to make sure that materials are sorted properly for processing and marketing.”

“If your blue boxes are not sorted properly, your recycling will not be collected. Bring it back in, re-sort, and put it out again on your collection day the following week. Alternatively, you can drop off sorted recyclables at the Recycling Facility, 390 Pido Rd.”

Blue boxes can be purchased at Peterborough GreenUP, 378 Aylmer St., City Hall, 500 George St. N or the Recycling Facility, 390 Pido Rd. for $3 each.

Our online tool “What Goes Where?” at peterborough.ca/recycling is a helpful guide to sorting. Please keep in mind the following key points about the recycling program to help ensure the recycling program is able to properly process recyclable items:

  • Please have your recycling materials to the curb by 7 a.m. on collection day and no sooner than 6 p.m. the evening before;
  • Place your recyclables loose in blue boxes, separating containers (i.e. plastic, metal, glass, and juice boxes) into one box and paper products (i.e. cardboard, boxboard, newsprint, and office paper) into a separate box – do not mix the two streams together;
  • Some fibres can be bagged in clear bags, specifically shredded paper or loose pieces of office paper. Ensure that such bags are left untied to make it easier for emptying;
  • Container items in clear plastic bags or “see through” blue bags will not be collected – container items need to be loose in blue boxes for collection;
  • Remember to “Sort It Out” – The City of Peterborough has a two stream (container/fibre) collection system in place. It is extremely important that we all adhere to this so that our material meets recycling marketplace specifications.
  • If you have non-recyclables in your blue box, your recycling will not be collected;
  • Styrofoam is not accepted (meat trays, plates, cups, etc.);
  • Cardboard needs to be flattened and tied in bundles (to a maximum size of 30 inches by 30 inches by 8 inches); and
  • Do not put needles, syringes or lancets in your blue box or garbage; contact your pharmacy or doctor’s office for proper disposal advice

For more details, please call our Waste Management Division at 705-742-7777 ext.1657.

Read our article about how to effectively recycle by clicking here. 

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