Our Story

Our work is sustained with funding from all levels of government, private foundations, businesses, and individual donors, as well as through fee-for-service programs and revenue from our two social enterprises – the GreenUP Store and Resource Centre and the GreenUP Ecology Park Native Plant and Tree Nursery.

GreenUP was founded in the 1990’s as a result of recommendations from Mayor Sylvia Sutherland’s task force on Sustainable Development. In 1993, the Ecology Garden founded by Cathy Dueck officially joined GreenUP and established the Ecology Park at Beavermead.

The legacy of City of Peterborough involvement and support in the work of GreenUP continues. Today, the City of Peterborough Community Service Grant Program continues to provide critical funding to GreenUP. This funding provides core operational capacity that is needed to leverage additional investments and grants in our essential education and climate action programs. This legacy of investment, stems directly from GreenUP’s longstanding role to enable and support local environmental action.

GreenUP’s success in galvanizing community action in environmental sector was seen as a model for supporting meaningful on-the-ground action, both nationally and internationally.

In 2024, GreenUP is acutely aware of both governmental policy changes and ecological shifts that truly highlight the heightened urgency addressing environmental issues. Working directly with stakeholders at all levels of influence is at the heart of our approach and GreenUP will continue to champion community centred solutions to the climate crisis as we act on our strategic plan in the critical years ahead.