The Adventures of Jane and Grace – Part 2

May 6th, 2020

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Now time for part two of our story about the adventures of Jane and Grace.

After throwing rocks at a whistling bird the girls were transformed into Leopard Frogs by an angry Loggerhead shrike called Louis. Will they be able to hop their way back from the wetland to their home? Let’s find out.

Intro Song: The Adventures of Jane and Grace

Hey guys, I’m Jane and I’m Grace, and this is the Adventures of Jane and Grace.

Sound of frogs

Grace: Jane, why did you have to throw those rocks at Louis?

Jane: Oh of course it’s all my fault. Well Grace if you didn’t keep complaining about his sounds this would have never happened.

Grace: Well, there’s no reason for us to argue about who’s at fault. What we need to do is find out how to get home, and then try to find out how to turn ourselves back into humans.

Jane: Before we do that I need to eat something. I should have eaten my breakfast burrito on the way here. I’m starving.

Grace: I don’t think we are going to find any breakfast burritos around here.

Jane: Do you know what frogs eat? There’s a lot of plants around here – chomp chomp – yuck no I can not eat this.

Grace: Hmm let’s see if I can remember. I do remember that they are carnivores. So yeah plants won’t be much use to us.

Jane: What does a carnivore eat?

Grace: Well carnivores eat other creatures, you know, like how a lion eats a gazelle.

Jane: I don’t see any gazelle around here.

Grace: No, you’re right, but hey look around, look at all these flying bugs – we could try and catch one of those.

Jane: Alright, there’s one.

Buzzing sound

Slapping sound

Grace: Ouch! Watch where you’re hunting you just smacked me in the eye!

Jane: Sorry. This is some really fast food.

Grace: Fast food, hmm. That’s a good point. These flies might be too fast for us. We should try to stand still like statues and try to get them that way.


Buzzing sound



Jane: I got one! Doesn’t taste that bad either.

The girls sat as still as statues waiting for the bugs to land on them and gobbling them up as each one came close by.




Jane: Hey it’s not so bad being a frog. We could stay here a bit longer. It’s great being at the top of the food chain, I’ve always wanted feel like I was a lion.

Grace: What do you mean Jane. I said that we are carnivores, but there are other creatures that eat us. Umm, Jane do you feel like something is watching us.

Sound of Osprey call

Girls: Ahhhhhhh

Jane: Grace where are you?

Grace: I’m over here this bird has got us in its talons. Ouch, they’re sharp.

Jane: Uh oh Grace. I think we just became lunch for this bird. I’ve seen them before. It’s an osprey.

Osprey: Don’t worry girls I’m not going to eat you. As an osprey I much prefer fish.

Grace: Oh that’s so great. Are you here to turn us back into humans?

Osprey: No, I’m not going to do that. Louis asked me for a favour, and here I am.

Jane: Well what’s the favour?

Osprey: Ohh just a little delivery.

Grace: Look Jane it’s Jackson Creek. We’ve been there before.

Jane: Yeah, Jackson Creek! If we can get there it can take us all the way to Little Lake.

Grace: Hey Osprey … Osprey… Osprey? Jane the Osprey is gone. Wait that means


Grae: Look Jane feathers. They are coming all towards us.

Jane: They’re all around us. Oh, they’re slowing us down.

Grace: I think we are changing again.

Splashing sound

Jane: What are we now?

Grace: I don’t know. It looks like we have armor on though and wow we have a lot of legs. We fell into the river and I think we at the bottom of the river, look at all the mud around us.

Jane: I guess we are some kind of water bug. I didn’t know that there were bugs that lived in the river, I thought it was just fish.

Sow Bug: Hullo my friends come on over we found some great leaves.

Jane: Are you talking to us?

Sow Bug: Yes of course, come on there is lots of oak leaves for all of us. This is a fresh batch. Must have just arrived last week.

Grace: After that adventure with the Osprey I’m feeling a bit hungry again. Come on Jane. Wow, look at all these other armored creatures. Excuse me, what exactly are you?

Sow Bug: My name is Pod, and well I’m just me. This is my home in the river with all of my brothers and sisters and we spend each day munching on anything the great river brings us.

Today some oak leaves, maybe tomorrow a dead fish, and the next perhaps some pine cones.

We go by many names. Detrivores, macro invertebrates, isopods. There are many creatures that live here, some with more legs, some with less. We all live in this river, together.

Grace: Thanks for sharing your leaves with us, but we are trying to get to a big lake.

Sow Bug: We detrivores have to stay together. Hmm, I have never been to a lake. I have heard that if you leave the riverbed where we are now and join the flowing river you can reach a lake very soon.

Jane: Thanks Pod. Alright let’s go Grace

Sow Bugs: Wait before you go, there’s just one thing to watch out for…

Jane: What do you think he was going to say?

Grace: Probably looking out for rocks, there is a lot of them around here.

Sound of river

Jane: Wow, we are really moving fast.

Grace: Let’s see if we can float to the surface.

Jane: Hey I can see trees.

Grace: And houses.

Jane: Look here comes a tunnel. Wow it’s so dark in here

Grace: Look a bright spot ahead.

Jane: Hey! It’s The Only. We’ve been here with mom and dad before.

Grace: We must be getting close to Little Lake.

Jane: The water is getting faster.

Grace: Wooooooh.

Jane: Oh no, Grace. I think I know what Pod was going to warn us about.


Jane: Quick let’s try to get back into the riverbed.

Fish: Mmm that looks like a tasty treat.


Grace: Jane, Jane are you there?

Jane: Yes I’m here but I can’t see anything.

Grace: It’s all warm and dark in here, and Jane, I think we are in the fish’s stomach.

Song: Adventures of Jane and Grace

Well, it sounds like the girls have gone from one problem to another. How do you think they will be able to get out of the fish? In Little Lake there are many fish that spend their days. Do you have any guesses of what fish the girls might be inside of? If you think it’s a shark, well, it’s not. While you’re thinking why don’t you try and draw your own Pod the Isopod.

If you have any art you’ve done or a guess about what fish it might be we hope you’ll share on Twitter @ptbogreenup

The audio was recorded in Peterborough Ontario with sounds sourced from soundbible.com

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