The Adventures of Jane and Grace – Part 3

May 20th, 2020

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When we left the girls last they were trying to find their way home. They had followed Jackson Creek but when it reached Little Lake they were swallowed by a fish.

Will they be able to get out of the fish and make their way home? Let’s find out.

Intro Song: The Adventures of Jane and Grace

Hey guys, I’m Jane and I’m Grace, and this is the Adventures of Jane and Grace.

Lake sounds

Boy: Dad, I got a fish. It feels like it’s a big one. I think it’s a Muskie.

Dad: Great, reel it in.

Boy: Get the net, get the net.


Boy: Oh darn, the fish jumped off the hook. It’s strange when the fish jumped off the hook it looked like something came out of it’s mouth. Weird.

Girls: Wooooh.

Grace: Well that’s one way to get out of the fish.

Jane: I don’t know if it was the fish’s stomach acid, or that time we spent in the air, but my armour is feeling weird.

Grace: Me too. I’m feeling all warm. Are we changing again?

Jane: Yes, I think so. I feel like I’m stretching out and losing my feet.

Grace: I think we’re fish.

Jane: Well, I don’t want to get eaten again. Let’s get out of here.

Grace: When we were flying in the air, I saw the fountain in the middle of the lake over that way. Follow me

Jane: Alright. Let’s go.

Grace: I keep forgetting that I don’t have arms. All I have to do is move my body back and forth.

Jane: Hmm, I wonder what kind of fish we are. You’ve got black lines and you’re yellow.

Grace: So are you. Let’s see if we can get to the surface to see if we are getting close to the fountain.

Jane: Look, it’s the Del Crary Park. We must be getting closer

Grace: It would be good if we were a bit larger. Then we could go faster.

Jane: Grace, you grew when you said that.

Grace: Wow, does that mean we can change our size? You should try too. Wow you’re bigger as well.

Jane: Amazing. Look ahead the water ahead is all bubbly.

Grace: That must be where the water gets pulled into the fountain.

Jane: We shouldn’t get too close we might get sucked in.

Sound of bubbling

Grace: Jane, I’m getting sucked in.

Jane: Me too. The fountain is too strong.

Grace: Quick Jane, let’s make yourself as small as possible


Grace + Jane: WOOOOOOO

The girls were sucked into the water pump and rocketed into their air by the fountain

Jane: Wow, I can see so far.

Grace: Over there. It’s Beavermead Beach. I think the river we need is that direction.

Jane: Alright let’s get over there.

The girls swam across Little Lake towards Beavermead Beach.

Jane: We should make ourselves bigger again, so we can swim faster.

Grace: Good idea.

Jane: Grace, keep an eye out for any big fish, especially like the ones we saw before.

Grace: Do you mean like that one over there.

Jane: EEK, yes I think it sees us. Quick is there anywhere to hide?

Scary heart beat sound

Grace: The beach is just up ahead, but look, to the left of the beach. All those green plants. It looks like an underwater forest.

Jane: Yes, let’s go that way and quick. The Muskie is getting closer.

Scary heart beat sound

Grace: Quick Jane it’s right behind us!

Scary heart beat sound

Jane: We’re almost there.

Scary heart beat sound

Grace: We made it. Alright let’s wait in here for a little bit until the Muskie is gone.

Jane: I think we should be good now.

Grace: Well I think the river that goes up to our house is somewhere around here. Let’s follow along the edge of the lake.

Jane: What are those big pieces of rock in the water?

Grace: It must be from the old train bridge. I think this is where we are turning.

Jane: I’m trying to turn but the water is pulling me further on.

Grace: Oh yes, I forgot we are close to the locks. We don’t want to go down that way. The river could takes us all the way to Rice Lake and then Lake Ontario.

Water Sounds

Jane: Swim, swim, swim. That was close, and we made it into river. I hope this is the right way.

Grace: Let’s go to the surface again and see if there’s anything we recognize.

Grace: Hey look there is tents and trailers. It’s Beavermead Campground.

Jane: And on the other side look at all those trees. It’s Ecology Park.

Grace: We’re getting closer.

Jane: The water is getting shallower. I don’t think we can keep swimming up.

Grace: Oh yeah, I can’t remember the last time it rained.

Jane: Wait, maybe we can change back into Leopard Frogs.

Grace: I’m feeling all warm again.

Jane: Me too.

Grace: Alright let’s hop out of the river. Hmm, I’m not too sure where we are. There are lots of plants around here and some houses. But I don’t know if any of those are ours.

Jane: Oh no Grace, a bird coming right at us.

Grace: Quick back to the river.

Louis: Hello again girls. How was your adventure?

Jane: Louis, it was very scary. I don’t think we would ever make it home.

Grace: I didn’t realize there were so many different creatures living in the the waters around us.

Louis: Well, life isn’t too easy for many creatures. For many, everyday is a battle to stay alive.

Grace: Yeah, you know Louis I think I can speak for my sister when I say we are sorry for ever throwing those rocks at you.

Jane: Yeah, I’m excited to explore all these different places and learn about the different creatures that live there.

Louis: I’m glad that you are going to help out looking after our wetlands. We need people to speak up for all the creatures, since normally we can’t speak for ourselves.

Grace: Of course Louis, we will.

Louis: Well, it looks like your parents are on their way back from the wetland now. I guess I can change you back into humans.

Car Sound

Mom: Grace! Jane!

Dad: Grace ….. Grace ….. Jane …. Jane

Grace: Mom, Dad, over here!

Car stops

Mom: Girls, what are you doing down in the creek, and how did you even get here?

Jane: It’s a long story, but before we tell it, Dad – do you still have those breakfast burritos?

We hope you enjoyed the Adventures of Jane and Grace.

Peterborough is home to many wonderful places where you can explore water and the creatures that are home to it. With the coming weeks and months we hope that you get an opportunity to safely explore some of our local wetlands, creeks, lakes, and rivers.

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The audio was recorded in Peterborough Ontario with sounds sourced from soundbible.com

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