“More walking and wheeling to school means safer school zones, healthier children, cleaner air and better academic performance.”
– Ontario Active School Travel

By exploring active and sustainable school travel, you and your students can begin to make connections between daily transportation choices and climate health. As you learn more about the opportunities and barriers that shape our daily travel habits, you can extend the lesson by exploring the impacts of other types of transportation, by finding creative ways to share the learning with your families, or by setting some targets and plans to increase use of active and sustainable transportation.

Get started by meeting Community Climate Hero – Sara Crouthers, who will introduce us to School Travel Planning and the ways that students can become citizen scientists, and change-makers! Then, meet Community Climate Hero – Cool Captain Climate  – for a song about active transportation.

Meet Community Climate Hero Sara Crouthers

Standing Up for What We Stand On

Activity Worksheets

Explore the benefits of Active School Travel with your school community using the Get Active with Walking Worksheets.

Ready for Action?

This Landmark video below encourages empowering children by learning how to travel a familiar route, alone or with a friend, at least twice a week. This can include walking, riding your bike, or traveling on public transit.

Follow Karen O’Krafka in the Landmark 20 Plan an Environmental Project – video to conduct and evaluate at least two of: plan and map a local day trip, follow a local stream, plan and manage a school recycling or composting project, conduct a repair café, help to care for a living thing, and research a personal care or fashion product that interests you.

Book Recommendations – for food and water justice for elementary, middle school, highschool and even adults.

Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table – Will Allen is no ordinary farmer. A former basketball star, he’s as tall as his truck, and he can hold a cabbage–or a basketball–in one hand. But what is most special about Farmer Will is that he can see what others can’t see. When he looked at an abandoned city lot in Milwaukee he saw a huge table, big enough to feed the whole world.

Making Connections and Taking Action

Looking for Action Ideas? Check out the School Travel Ideas Bank!

Active School Travel Peterborough Programs, Lessons, and Events – take the first step in promoting active school travel in your classroom!

Expand your Action Nationally – using this Canada-wide resource database and searching up ‘mapping’ or ‘transportation’.

Books for All Ages

A curated list of books about bikes by Social Justice books – Check out this comprehensive resource about all things bike.

Keep Exploring the Climate Themes