We Need Volunteers!

GreenUP will be ‘popping up’ in Market Plaza from October 16-18 with activities and demonstrations designed to inspire and reimagine what is possible for plaza parking lots in our city.

Volunteers are needed to fill a variety of roles as we Search for Parking Lot Paradise! Volunteer roles and time-slots are available from October 15-18, with 2-hour commitments ranging from 10am-6pm. You are welcome to sign-up for any role(s) and timeslot(s) that align best with you.

Refreshments for volunteers will be available, please bring a reusable drink vessel.

Help us explore how parking lots can better meet our needs.

Here is a taste of the topics to reimagine:

  • Whether you arrive by car, transit, walking or wheeling, how do you feel in a plaza parking lot?
  • Curious about, green infrastructure like rain gardens and permeable pavement, accessible walkways and comfortable social spaces. Come experience the difference!
  • How can parking lots go from gray to green; from ‘Blah’ to ‘Aha’!

Saturday, October 15th

Opportunities on this day include helping us to temporarily transform a series of parking spaces into an interactive community popUP event! Roles available include moving and setting-up large props, tents, and trees/plants. Other roles include temporary painting of asphalt or canvas surfaces, stringing lights, and setting up tables and tablecloths.

Sunday, October 16-18th

Opportunities over these days include roles that help support participants and help reimagine plaza parking spaces! Our goal is to have as many people as possible interact with these fun activities, and share stories on how plaza parking lots can be made more inviting and sustainable. Roles include vital supports such as helping participants find their way, welcoming participants into the space, guiding participants through activities, and more. GreenUP Staff will walk you through everything you need to know.

Note: SignUp does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please email Heather Ray at heather.ray@greenup.on.ca to sign up manually.

Activities Background

Plaza Parking lots, love them or not they are all around us and hold great opportunities as vibrant quasi-public spaces as we work towards a green and just city. While car parking needs are still high in our community, increasingly people are using active transportation to get to their destinations. Plaza parking lots have space that can be used in useful and creative ways, while still maintaining their role for car parking. Our installations serve as a spark to light your imagination and dream big about how pieces of precious urban space can be repurposed to better meet our collective needs.

Focused activities will be on:

  • Accessible access for walkers and rollers
  • Green infrastructure elements like rain gardens and permeable pavement
  • Amenities like washrooms and seating


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