Water Conservation for Schools

Water is Life. Fostering gratitude and wonder for the water in and all around us is an essential first step in motivating Climate Action for water protection. From the annual Peterborough Children’s Water Festival to the Be a Water Steward program, our region has many opportunities for students to grow strong connections with water. As they learn about the importance of water, students from across the country are inspired to organize Water Protection projects, such as the legendary Yellow Fish program.

In Nogojiwanong/Peterborough, students recently led deep learning school yard water retrofits. They depaved courtyards to improve water infiltration, planted a flooded corner to improve water quality and local wildlife habitat, and held a campaign to decrease single use water bottles and installed two water bottle refill stations! What kind of projects will you dream up?

Headwaters to Hearts

Activity Worksheets

Use these activity worksheets to expand your learning.

Making Connections

Case Study #1

St Anne CES Raingarden Retrofit

Case Study #2

Westmount PS Courtyard Depave and Raingarden Retrofit

Gichitwaa Nibi – Sacred Waters Water Teaching

Gichitwaa Nibi – Sacred Waters Water Teaching with Elder Dorothy Taylor – Curve Lake Elder Dorothy Taylor is a Water Walker and founder of Nogojiwanong’s Sacred Water Circle. As an Elder and a water activist, in the video to the left, Dorothy shares Sacred Water Teachings that call for action to bring balance to the world. This balance rests in the health and well being of Gichitwaa Nibi – Sacred Water.

Field Trip!

Peterborough Children’s Water Festival – The Peterborough Children’s Water Festival (PCWF) is a community event for children in Grade 2 to 5. The PCWF provides students with the opportunity to discover the importance and diversity of water. In 2022, this event was virtual only.

Schools in the News!

Monsignor O’Donaghue Water Bottle Refill Retrofit – This story begins in September 2019. The grade 8 class at Monsignor O’Donaghue — MO’D as it is affectionately known — was starting their science program for the year. As part of a new “deep learning” process, the students were given the freedom to lead their own learning through problem solving and collaboration.

Take Action

Wonders of Water Find rich water education resources through the archives of these local Water programs.

We are Water Protectors – Complete these We Are Water Protectors activities and learn about ways to make an impact in your community and further protect the Earth and our waters in everyday life.

Books for all Ages

Hawk – A junior/Intermediate book – with potential as a novel study.

The Importance of Water: Book reading of Water Walker and closing Water Reflection – Water Walker by Joanne Robertson, watch the read-aloud on the video to the right.

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