We’re Planting a Food Forest!

September 11th, 2014

We’re planting a food forest at GreenUP Ecology Park! A food forest is an urban approach to food production, awareness and accessibility an edible garden design that mimics a woodland ecosystem.The project’s vision is to develop and maintain an edible landscape which the community can visit to pick a variety of hardy, local fruits, nuts and plants for short term, personal use. In return, food forest foragers may volunteer maintenance of the space including weeding, watering, pruning, grafting, etc.

pickingnewsGreenUP Ecology Park is looking for volunteers who would like to help dig and plant Phase One , as well as sign up with our volunteer program to help steward the development of this garden for the community.

Bring a reuseable water bottle, snack, closed toed footwear and gloves if you have them. We will be moving compost, turning over sod and soil,creating a pathway and planting some trees! Phase two planting will commence spring of 2015.

The Food Forest is also interested in donations of the following items:

  • Healthy Plants: Chive ,Lavender,Rhubarb ,Groundcherry,Thyme
  • Hardscaping: larger boulders, wide but low tree stumps for seating
  • In kind graphic design work, and builders to hepp construct a wattle fence

Contact Marcy for further info.

Thanks everyone, we are looking forward to Planting Our Fruiture with you!


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