Strategic Plan | 2018 – 2022

Inspiring local action | Sustaining strong partnerships | Creating lasting change

Our Plan

Our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan is a key document for GreenUP as we focus our priorities to create meaningful and measurable change. Our first priority is to invest in GreenUP Ecology Park, a gem in the heart of our city. To do this, we have launched the Growing Ecology Park Investment Campaign that will help us to raise the funds needed to develop facilities at this exceptional site. GreenUP also has a long history of collaboration, and over the next five years, we will prioritize the development and growth of these relations. Through strong and diverse partnerships, we will both broaden and sustain our impact. Finally, as GreenUP looks to the future, we will work to ensure that we have a strong and resilient foundation from which to grow. This includes improving our governance and policy infrastructure, nurturing a healthy, safe workplace, and increasing our fund development capacity. These are challenging goals, but we believe they are achievable.

Bruce Kidd, Chair

Our Thanks

GreenUP is a community-based organization. To us, this means that our work is grounded in, and made possible through, the relationships we cultivate across the region. The creation of this Strategic Plan reflects that belief, both in its process and in its product. Throughout the Plan’s development, more than 20 community and government partners contributed valuable insights that helped to shape our key goals. This collaborative process also helps to ensure that our Strategic Priorities resonate with the people and partners who enable and deepen our work. To those who contributed to this Plan, we offer our sincere appreciation. As we look toward the next five years, we are excited by the many opportunities we will have to work together. On behalf of the GreenUP Board and Staff, I offer my gratitude for your on-going support.


Brianna Salmon, Executive Director

Our Story

Peterborough has long been an environmental leader, and GreenUP’s presence is a testament to this legacy.

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Over the next five years, GreenUP’s work will be guided by the Strategic Priorities identified within this Plan. With the continued support from core partners, funders, and the Peterborough community, we will build upon this legacy of lasting, meaningful change.

Our Program Directions

Over the past 25 years, GreenUP’s environmental education programs have been a core strength. Our programs not only provide age-appropriate, hands-on learning opportunities, but they also provide children and adults alike with the opportunity to develop the skills needed to live more sustainably. Whether someone is learning to ride a bike for the first time, or learning how to properly install a rain barrel at one of our workshops, we teach people about things that matter to them, to our community, and to our planet.

However, we recognize that sometimes knowledge alone isn’t enough. Often, people face real barriers to sustainable living, and we work to address those, too. We do this through advocacy initiatives and partnerships that promote environmentally healthy development and that reinforce the need for equitable and sustainable infrastructure and street designs. We also work to showcase opportunities to green our communities, and to help them become more resilient to climate change. To do this, we engage citizens directly in the transformation of public and private spaces – helping them to become greener, healthier, and more vibrant.

We don’t do this work alone. Each year, we work with dozens of local organizations and governments, and thousands of residents to achieve measurable change. We do this because we know that being part of a diverse, local movement helps to build and sustain the momentum required to address global crises such as climate change. Through fun and engaging events and campaigns, we amplify the work of amazing change-makers in our community, and we celebrate their impact.

As we look toward the next five years, there’s a lot to be excited about. Our programs are expanding, and we’re investing in the infrastructure and capacity that’s needed to create significant change, right here in our region.

A complete summary of our programs and partnerships is available in our Program Profile, which is updated annually.

Enhance GreenUP Ecology Park through the development of critical infrastructure

GreenUP Ecology Park is our signature green space, and is a vital conduit for inspiration, education, and public connection to all of GreenUP’s programs. Over the next five years, through the Investing in Ecology Park Capital Campaign, and in partnership with the City of Peterborough, we will develop facilities that enhance this dynamic urban space, and that strengthen the broad suite of ecological programs and services we offer.

Key Goals

Develop facilities to support and expand our immersive educational programming.
We will develop a new Children’s Education Centre and a naturalized playscape at Ecology Park. These spaces will create a safe and enriching environment for program participants and visitors alike.

Reduce barriers to access for all visitors and participants.
We will construct accessible pathways connecting key sites at GreenUP Ecology Park to The Great Trail. We will also construct an accessible washroom facility to further reduce barriers to participation.

Increase the sustainability and production capacity of our native plant and tree nursery.
We will develop a Native Plant Propagation and Teaching Facility at the Park. This will extend our growing season, increase our capacity to raise notable and diverse species, and create a teaching and research space. We will also install a low-water irrigation system to increase the efficiency and sustainability of our operations.

Demonstrate best-practices in sustainable design and construction.
We will design and develop infrastructure at Ecology Park with sustainability as our guiding objective. These facilities will not only be consistent with our organizational mission, but will demonstrate the potential for construction to be part of the solution to climate change.

Foster diverse partnerships to support broad, strategic, and systemic action

Building on our exceptional suite of programs, GreenUP will actively engage decision-makers and diverse populations in our programs. We will deepen our focus on creating meaningful change within local neighbourhoods and in surrounding rural communities. As an organization operating in Nogojiwanong, on Treaty 20 lands, we will honour this area’s First Peoples, and will actively support Indigenous leadership in the environmental movement.

Key Goals

Prioritize populations and communities that are most directly impacted by, or vulnerable to, climate change.
We will work with diverse communities to offer programs and services that meaningfully address their expressed needs and priorities, and that reduce systemic barriers to healthy communities for everyone.

Expand rural programming, and strengthen relations with county partners and residents.
We will work with surrounding populations, organizations, and governments to design, adapt, and expand the programs and resources that are available for rural residents and institutions.

Honour and support the work of Indigenous people and organizations in our community.
We will work to engage respectfully and meaningfully with Indigenous people, communities, and organizations, and to amplify the work they are doing to restore our relationship with the land.

Develop strong relations with local governments and school boards.
We will work to ensure that key decision- makers are active partners in our programs and collaboratives, and to support positive and creative change within local institutions and governments.

Strengthen our operational processes and capacity to ensure organizational resilience

Over the past year, GreenUP has seen unprecedented growth, and the introduction of significant, multi-year initiatives across all departments. We aim to manage this growth in a planned and thoughtful way by investing in our organizational infrastructure, actively fostering a healthy and positive environment for our staff and volunteers, and strategically growing our fund development program. Sustaining core programs will remain an ongoing priority.

Key Goals

Invest in the creation of strong internal processes, policies, and governance practices.
We will continue to develop a comprehensive and relevant policy, procedure, and governance infrastructure that supports the work we do and the people who are doing it. Regular policy reviews will become integrated into our practices.

Nurture a workplace culture that is open, inclusive, safe, responsive, and fun!
We will sustain our focus on being a good employer, one that attracts and retains diverse staff, and provides them with valued opportunities for development, advancement, and fulfillment.

Build our fund development capacity to ensure ongoing financial sustainability and to increase funder diversity.
We will successfully complete the Ecology Park 5-Year Investment Campaign and will integrate it into our core fund development program. We will build our internal grant writing capabilities.

Champion GreenUP’s work through consistent branding, meaningful metrics, and compelling narratives.
We will be strong advocates for the work GreenUP does. We will celebrate our work and demonstrate the impact of our programming using metrics that resonate with our partners and our community.