#ZeroWaste Feature – Velvette Facial Oils

February 1st, 2020

Velvette Facial OilsThis Month’s Zero Waste Feature is Velvette Facial Oils, for oily, dry or mature skin types. Co-founders and sisters, Joyce Tse and Jenny Tse, launched Velvette in June 2017 after conducting extensive research on over 200 different plant oils. They selected only 20 organic oils based on texture, absorption, and nutritional profiles, as well as their likeliness to clog pores.

With Joyce’s background in chemical engineering and Jenny’s first-hand experience with sensitive, acne-prone skin, the two sisters developed different blends for each skin type. Velvette facial oils, along with their hair and body oils, are 100% vegan, organic and free from silicone and parabens. Their products are also carefully packaged in high quality glass to preserve the oils and prevent contamination.

As we head into February, our skin may be feeling particularly parched and choosing a high quality face oil can be an immediate and viable remedy. Our skin produces oils naturally to protect itself, forming a thin layer that seals in moisture.

Skin that is dry, inflamed, or acne prone often is the result of an imbalance in oil production. Plant oils mimic the skin’s natural oils (i.e. sebum) and are able to replenish, restore, and balance our skin’s complexion.

Not all face oils are created equal and some blends feature filler ingredients such as silicone or low-quality oils. Silicone is often used in place of plant oils because it is inexpensive and offers temporary smoothness. Some blends have been found to contain over 90% silicone and less than 10% plant oils. Silicone is a plastic polymer that cannot be absorbed by the skin, causes buildup, attracts dirt, and contains no nutritional properties.

Velvette facial oils are being featured as zero waste alternative to conventional facial creams, which are often packaged in non-recyclable plastic and may include toxic fillers. Velvette is also a Canadian, small-batch company that supports our national economy at various points in production and distribution. All of Velvette’s products are packaged in recycled glass which is easier to recycle or reuse.

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