GreenUP Ecology Park Plant Catalogue

Welcome to the GreenUP Ecology Park Plant Catalogue. GreenUP Ecology Park is your resource for the best native plants, trees, shrubs, and more. Our wide selection of plants are all suited to grow right here in Central Ontario. All proceeds from plant sales support education programs and services at the park.

We are located at 1899 Ashburnham Drive, with parking at Beavermead Park, via Marsdale Drive.

While the best way to get information about our inventory will always be to visit us in person at Ecology Park, GreenUP is piloting an online stock list. We hope this new tool will provide you with more current information about our inventory and pricing.

You can view our stock list here.

Please note that the GreenUP Ecology Park Plant Catalogue is primarily intended to help you learn about the different benefits of and suitable environments for each species. Grow Me Instead is another great resource for learning about the native plant species we offer at the Ecology Park Nursery and appropriate replacements for popular invasive plants.


Special Note: edibles and veggies are not included in this catalogue. Catalogue items may not be available due to changes in inventory. To view our full inventory, please visit Ecology Park during designated open hours available here.